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[Infographic] The RAIF Impact Challenge Prize 07.01.2022
[Article] Digital banking to accelerate Malaysia’s financial inclusion agenda 25.11.2021
[Article] E-money: Toward promoting greater economic efficiency 25.11.2021
[Infographic] VBIAF Sectoral Guides: Oil & Gas, Manufacturing and Construction & Infrastructure 10.11.2021
[Article] Value-based Intermediation Takaful Framework: A new game changer 19.08.2021
[Article] Why build a talent-centric economy to propel future Islamic finance growth? 19.08.2021
[Infographic] VBI for Takaful (VBIT) Framework 09.08.2021
[Report] Malaysia and Global Sukuk Snapshot (Q1 2021) 18.06.2021
[Article] Toward a green economy: Mapping SDGs against Malaysia’s annual budget 16.06.2021
[Infographic] VBIAF Sectoral Guides: Palm Oil, Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency 04.06.2021
[Article] Malaysia’s inaugural US dollar sustainability Sukuk issue 01.06.2021
[Article] Championing Malaysia Digital Leap with Islamic Finance 19.04.2021
[Article] Shariah Investing Dialogue 2021 – Series 1 - Briefing Notes 09.04.2021
Capital Markets Malaysia Newsletter April 2021 08.04.2021
[Article] Will 2021 be a springboard year for Malaysia to up its SDG milestones? 05.04.2021
[Infographic] Islamic finance in Malaysia 02.03.2021
[Report] The Malaysian Bond and Sukuk Almanac 2020 19.02.2021
[Article] Malaysia’s affordable housing conundrum 18.02.2021
[Infographic] Factsheet on 2020 global sukuk market 10.02.2021
[Report] Global Business Prospects post Covid-19: Tapping into the US$ 3 trillion Halal Market 10.02.2021
Capital Markets Malaysia Newsletter January 2021 18.01.2021
[Infographic] The Global Islamic Economy and Malaysia's current standings 08.12.2020
Capital Markets Malaysia Newsletter November 2020 13.11.2020
[Article] Value-based intermediation amid Malaysia’s Islamic banking landscape 12.11.2020
Capital Markets Malaysia Newsletter October 2020 14.10.2020
[Article] Pushing Malaysia’s sustainable development goals agenda 06.10.2020
[Article] Correlation of the Halal Industry & Islamic Finance 28.09.2020
Capital Markets Malaysia Newsletter September 2020 11.09.2020
[Article] Islamic Fintech in Malaysia — bridging the digital divide 21.08.2020
Capital Markets Malaysia Newsletter August 2020 07.08.2020
[Report] Islamic fintech & digital financial inclusion report 29.07.2020
Capital Markets Malaysia Newsletter July 2020 15.07.2020
[Infographic] Understanding Shariah Investing on Bursa Malaysia-i 03.07.2020
Capital Markets Malaysia Newsletter June 2020 05.06.2020
[Infographic] Webinar: The impact of Covid-19 on Islamic banks 28.05.2020
[Article] The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Funding Gap in Islamic Finance - A Reflection 21.05.2020
[Report] Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Policy and Financing: A Global Benchmarking with Focus on South East Asia and China 14.05.2020
Halal Development Corporation Newsletter May 2020 13.05.2020
[Case Study] Covid 19: The Pandemic Disruptor and the new Economic Norm 12.05.2020
[Case Study] Occupational Risk & the Urgency for Frontliner Protection 12.05.2020
Capital Markets Malaysia Newsletter May 2020 12.05.2020
[Case Study] Covid-19: High Time for Islamic Banks to Show They are Indeed Value-Based Intermediaries 29.04.2020
[Article] Malaysian Government’s financial relief package to help contain financial market shocks 10.04.2020
Capital Markets Malaysia Newsletter April 2020 10.04.2020
[Article] Multi-year solvency stress test for banks and insurers 03.04.2020
[Article] Managing Commodity Trading Risks in Islamic Financial Transactions 03.04.2020
[Article] Transforming the Economy and Society through Islamic Finance 03.04.2020
[Article] Climate Change Risks and Opportunities: Respond, Not React 03.04.2020
[Article] Islamic Microfinance: Helping the industry gain critical mass 02.04.2020
[Infographic] Performance of Malaysia’s Islamic Banking and Takaful in 2019 24.03.2020
[Article] Ethical aspects of Islamic banking and finance: A brief understanding 23.03.2020
[Article] Harmonization of accounting standards for Islamic Finance 23.03.2020
[Article] On the crest of the Islamic capital market wave: A Malaysian perspective 26.02.2020
[Article] Malaysia: Building resilience and invigorating growth toward achieving Sustainable Development Goals 26.02.2020
[Infographic] Performance of Global Sukuk Market in 2019 29.01.2020
[Article] Models of Shariah Governance Across Jurisdictions 12.12.2019
[Infographic] Centralised Shariah Advisory Authorities in Islamic Finance 10.12.2019
[Article] Stimulus effects from Malaysia’s top-down approach to Islamic finance industry 10.12.2019
[Article] Strengthening Shariah Compliance Risk Culture 04.11.2019
[Infographic] Policy Document on Shariah Governance 16.10.2019
[Infographic] Bai` al-Sarf (Currency Exchange) 05.09.2019
[Infographic] Sukuk and Islamic Funds Statistics 1H2019 26.07.2019
[Infographic] Financial Technology Initiatives in Malaysia 02.07.2019
[Infographic] Takaful Latest Initiatives in Malaysia 27.05.2019
[Infographic] Waqf and myWakaf Initiative 22.04.2019
[Infographic] Shariah-Based Contract Regulatory Framework 21.03.2019
[Infographic] Key Fact on Value-Based Intermediation (VBI) 27.02.2019
[Article] Future Finance: Malaysia - An Islamic Finance Marketplace 05.09.2014
[Article] Introduction to Islamic Capital Market 30.10.2013
[Article] Introduction to Islamic Fund Management 20.06.2013
[Article] Introduction to Sukuk 20.06.2013
[Article] Introduction to Islamic Capital Markets 20.06.2013
[Article] The Evolution of Islamic Finance in Malaysia 20.06.2013
[Article] Overview of MIFC 14.06.2013
[Article] Introduction to Islamic Finance 14.06.2013