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Report: Malaysia and Global Sukuk Snapshot (Q1 2021) 18.06.2021
Toward a green economy: Mapping SDGs against Malaysia’s annual budget 16.06.2021
[Infographic] VBIAF Sectoral Guides: Palm Oil, Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency 04.06.2021
Malaysia’s inaugural US dollar sustainability Sukuk issue 01.06.2021
Championing Malaysia Digital Leap with Islamic Finance 19.04.2021
Shariah Investing Dialogue 2021 – Series 1 - Briefing Notes 09.04.2021
Capital Markets Malaysia Newsletter April 2021 08.04.2021
Will 2021 be a springboard year for Malaysia to up its SDG milestones? 05.04.2021
[Infographic] Islamic finance in Malaysia 02.03.2021
The Malaysian Bond and Sukuk Almanac 2020 19.02.2021
Malaysia’s affordable housing conundrum 18.02.2021
[Infographic] Factsheet on 2020 global sukuk market 10.02.2021
Global Business Prospects post Covid-19: Tapping into the US$ 3 trillion Halal Market 10.02.2021
Capital Markets Malaysia Newsletter January 2021 18.01.2021
[Infographic] The Global Islamic Economy and Malaysia's current standings 08.12.2020
Capital Markets Malaysia Newsletter November 2020 13.11.2020
Value-based intermediation amid Malaysia’s Islamic banking landscape 12.11.2020
Capital Markets Malaysia Newsletter October 2020 14.10.2020
Pushing Malaysia’s sustainable development goals agenda 06.10.2020
Correlation of the Halal Industry & Islamic Finance 28.09.2020
Capital Markets Malaysia Newsletter September 2020 11.09.2020
Islamic Fintech in Malaysia — bridging the digital divide 21.08.2020
Capital Markets Malaysia Newsletter August 2020 07.08.2020
Islamic fintech & digital financial inclusion report 29.07.2020
Capital Markets Malaysia Newsletter July 2020 15.07.2020
[Infographic] Understanding Shariah Investing on Bursa Malaysia-i 03.07.2020
Capital Markets Malaysia Newsletter June 2020 05.06.2020
[Infographic] Webinar: The impact of Covid-19 on Islamic banks 28.05.2020
The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Funding Gap in Islamic Finance - A Reflection 21.05.2020
Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Policy and Financing: A Global Benchmarking with Focus on South East Asia and China 14.05.2020
Halal Development Corporation Newsletter May 2020 13.05.2020
Covid 19: The Pandemic Disruptor and the new Economic Norm 12.05.2020
Occupational Risk & the Urgency for Frontliner Protection 12.05.2020
Capital Markets Malaysia Newsletter May 2020 12.05.2020
Covid-19: High Time for Islamic Banks to Show They are Indeed Value-Based Intermediaries 29.04.2020
Malaysian Government’s financial relief package to help contain financial market shocks 10.04.2020
Capital Markets Malaysia Newsletter April 2020 10.04.2020
Multi-year solvency stress test for banks and insurers 03.04.2020
Managing Commodity Trading Risks in Islamic Financial Transactions 03.04.2020
Transforming the Economy and Society through Islamic Finance 03.04.2020
Climate Change Risks and Opportunities: Respond, Not React 03.04.2020
Islamic Microfinance: Helping the industry gain critical mass 02.04.2020
[Infographic] Performance of Malaysia’s Islamic Banking and Takaful in 2019 24.03.2020
Ethical aspects of Islamic banking and finance: A brief understanding 23.03.2020
Harmonization of accounting standards for Islamic Finance 23.03.2020
On the crest of the Islamic capital market wave: A Malaysian perspective 26.02.2020
Malaysia: Building resilience and invigorating growth toward achieving Sustainable Development Goals 26.02.2020
[Infographic] Performance of Global Sukuk Market in 2019 29.01.2020
Models of Shariah Governance Across Jurisdictions 12.12.2019
[Infographic] Centralised Shariah Advisory Authorities in Islamic Finance 10.12.2019
Stimulus effects from Malaysia’s top-down approach to Islamic finance industry 10.12.2019
Strengthening Shariah Compliance Risk Culture 04.11.2019
[Infographic] Policy Document on Shariah Governance 16.10.2019
[Infographic] Bai` al-Sarf (Currency Exchange) 05.09.2019
[Infographic] Sukuk and Islamic Funds Statistics 1H2019 26.07.2019
[Infographic] Financial Technology Initiatives in Malaysia 02.07.2019
[Infographic] Takaful Latest Initiatives in Malaysia 27.05.2019
[Infographic] Waqf and myWakaf Initiative 22.04.2019
[Infographic] Shariah-Based Contract Regulatory Framework 21.03.2019
[Infographic] Key Fact on Value-Based Intermediation (VBI) 27.02.2019
Future Finance: Malaysia - An Islamic Finance Marketplace 05.09.2014
Introduction to Islamic Capital Market 30.10.2013
Introduction to Islamic Fund Management 20.06.2013
Introduction to Sukuk 20.06.2013
Introduction to Islamic Capital Markets 20.06.2013
The Evolution of Islamic Finance in Malaysia 20.06.2013
Overview of MIFC 14.06.2013
Introduction to Islamic Finance 14.06.2013